Introducing the new FreshBurst™ labels developed by Celessence™ Technologies and Leading Edge labels and packaging.

A unique scented layer to release fragrance as it’s peeled and re-sealed

time and time again, expertly printed using the latest technology for fantastic visual appeal.

Millions of tiny microcapsules protect the fragrance, ensuring it is only released when the label is peeled back.

Every time the label is peeled back, a new and fresh burst of fragrance is released.

And the special design means it can be peeled and re-sealed over and over again!

Benefits of Fresh Burst™ labels over traditional methods

FreshBurst™ peel and re-sealable labels allows the scent to be released multiple times with Celessence™ microencapsulation technology.

No scratching required to release the scent. A Clean, pleasant and simple consumer experience

Multiple scent labels can be affixed to products and marketing communication/promotion material without cross contamination 

Length of scent life is increased, fresh scents released time after time, when peeled.

Prevents in store product damage from consumer opening

Open delivery (postcards, mailers etc) vs additional sleeve/envelope required for Scratch and sniff to protect scent

Innovation security
FreshBurst™ is a trademarked brand name

Celessence™ microencapsulation is patented, trade marked, technology

Product versatility
Labels can be produced at various sizes depending on application, print to the front & inside infused with any scent.

Tactile film finishes available to further enhance consumer experience 

Alternative solutions
Cost savings available for lower micron film and sustainable options with recycled content  


What is Celessence Microencapsulation?

Celessence™ microencapsulation technology consists of microcapsules which are like tiny invisible containers which can be filled with fragrance and then applied to a substrate.

Celessence™ Microcapsules protect their contents until the surface they are attached to is agitated at which point they break and the scent is released.

Application of these Celessence™ microcapsules is in an ink form to be applied at the time of printing.

FreshBurst™ labels could be used for

Instore display promoting alternative/new scents

Store promotion affixed to a marketing piece for the consumer to take away combining an offer to encourage further purchase

Affixed to current products to cross sell an alternative scent/product. QR code could be incorporated to drive to website

Ability for customer to download scent request from website – scent label posted to consumer

Direct mail opportunity – possible coalition with supermarket data/direct mail campaign to promote new scent

Inclusion into a door drop pack in targeted areas promoting single or multiple scents offering promotion/voucher as a call to action for the consumer

FreshBurst™ labels – a collaboration between:

Celessence™ Technologies Ltd is a specialist micro-encapsulation company. We are the leading suppliers of micro-encapsulated fragrances and cosmetic actives to the Print, Textile, and Toy industries and home of the Celessence™ brand. 

The company has been in business for over 25 years. Celessence™ technology is an award winning, patented Celessence™ microencapsulation technology that can be found in apparel, bedding, tissues, car accessories, home storage, stationery, books, shoes and toys.

Products containing Celessence™ technology can be found all over the world in major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Marks & Spencer and Amazon to name a few.

Leading Edge are ‘an innovative and global award-winning HD Flexo printer specialising in highly decorative packaging solutions’.

They are renowned for their emphasis on service, quality and innovation with an extensive customer base including many multinationals, Major Multiples, large FMCG brands as well as promotional and marketing agencies and SMEs. Their packaging solutions range from shrink sleeve and ROSO, carton boxes and heat seal cards, to booklets, laminates, lidding film and self-adhesive labels, all of which now feature with sustainable solutions



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